Art from Photos

Charcoal Drawings and Sketches - Portraits from photos

Here are samples of black and white portraits in charcoal done from photographs. (Click on artwork to view larger image)

charcoal portrait

charcoal portrait

charcoal drawing

charcoal portrait

Acrylic Paintings from pictures - Portraiture Paintings

Acrylic painting on canvas from photo (click on painting to view larger image)

Acrylic Painting from Photo

Pricing for Portraiture from Photos

Pricing varies depending on the following:

  • Medium (acrylic on canvas or charcoal on paper
  • Number of subjects (1person or 2 people etc)
  • Torso (from head to waist) or full body
  • Size of artwork.

We can create artwork from your photograph (color or black and white photo). Simply email us your photograph at and indicate whether you would like an acrylic painting or charcoal drawing. We will reply within two business days with a price quote.

Make a Photo into a Coloring Page - Let us convert your photos to coloring books.

Our professional graphic artists can trace your photo digitally converting it into an fun coloring page. This can make a wonderful custom coloring book for your child. We can do just one photo or several to make a book. Photos to Coloring Pages.