Homeschool Art Classes

Through our homeschool group we offer, art classes for homeschoolers in West Palm Beach.

REGISTER: 786-237-9167

Homeschool Art Class

February - March, 2017
Tuesdays 10:00am
(ages 6-8)
Thursdays 10:00am (ages 9-12)
Give your homeschool student the opportunity to nourish their creativity and explore techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting.
Tuition: FREE
Location: Center for Creative Education, Northwood Village in West Palm Beach, FL

Please REGISTER by calling 786-237-9167.

Homeschool Calligraphy
Middle School

Fall 2017
New! This is an introductory class to calligraphy geared towards middle school aged children.

Homeschool Spanish Club

New! Beginners and Spanish speakers welcome. Students will be learning and practicing Spanish while engaged in fun activities.

Homeschool 'Plein Air' Outdoor Art Club

The French expression, "en plein air" means "in the open air." In art, the term refers to the act of painting outdoors. This fun club will do just that! We'll meet in a variety of spots throughout the West Palm Beach area to draw and paint the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.

Call 786-237-9167 to join the club and find out where we are meeting next.
Location: Several locations throughout the West Palm Beach area.

Sample of previous Homeschool Art Class activities:

Homeschool Navajo Weaving Workshop

Students explored Navajo culture and the significance of weaving as an art form historically and its value presently. For their projects, kids made their own looms. After choosing color schemes and sketching a design inspired by Navajo tapestry, kids will created their own textile art!

Homeschool Watercolor & Ink Projects

Children will enjoy the playful and relaxing art of watercolor and ink. Students will gain confidence in watercolor technique and creating beautiful ink drawings without an initial use of a pencil. Projects will include still life and portraiture art.