Comic Book Art Classes

Create Your Own Comic Book Characters

Visualize and develop an original character design. From sketches to final drawings, you will learn the process of creating a comic book character and building a "model sheet." Learn about drawing figures in motion, costume design, maintaining consistency in appearance and more.

Create Your Pages of Penciled Sequential Art

Improve your visual storytelling skills and work towards creating 5 penciled pages of sequential comic book art. Focus will be put on the page layout and penciling stages of creating a comic book.

Inking Your Comic Book Pages

Students will ink 5 pages of penciled art they created in the penciling workshop. Using brushes and ink or technical pens, students will ink directly onto their penciled pages. Students are encouraged to scan their artwork (at home) before coming to class to ink their drawings.

Suggested Materials:

  • Sketchpad
  • Illustration board (comic book art boards or heavy stock paper cut to size)
  • Pencils (a range of pencils: non-repro blue, mechanical and/or traditional drawing pencils)
  • Erasers (white, kneaded and/or eraser sticks)
  • Pens (technical pens or other professional inking pens such as micron pens)
  • Ruler
  • Brushes
  • Ink (high-quality India Ink)

REGISTER BY PHONE: 786-237-9167

Thanks to a program funded by the CRA, our comic book art class is currently tuition-free and materials are provided!
We are currently offering a course for teens and adults April - June 2017.

Join us every Thursday from 6 to 8-pm at Center for Creative Education, 425 24th St, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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